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Dates:  August 30 – September 2, 2013

Theme:  Threshermen’s Reunion Rally Joint with Northern Unit

Location:  Livingston County 4H Campground, 18352 4H Park Rd, Pontiac, IL  61764



Friday, Aug. 30th:  Parking after noon.  Pay camping fee upon check-in (per nite:  $16 for 30                                     amp/$20 for 50 amp).  Water & electricity, dump available.

                                    5:30 PM:  Dinner – hamburgers/hot dogs, buns, fixin’s for sandwiches, chips &

                                    baked beans, furnished.  BYOTS                                     Bring your favorite salad, vegetable or dessert to share.

                                    7:00 PM: Business meeting.



Sat. Aug. 31st:         7:45 – 8:15 AM:  Breakfast – cereal, fruit & juice.  BYOTS.

                                    8:45 AM:  Caravan from campground to Kilgus Farmstead, 21471 E. 670 N. Rd.,                                     Fairbury, IL  61739.  Tour at 9:30.  They have items/food to buy at their facility &                                     accept cash or checks, NO CREDIT CARDS.

                                    Lunch/Afternoon on your own.  Please see your pkt. of info.  Dave’s Market in 

Fairbury has a place to eat w/good food or if you leave Kilgus & go left (west) on             Rt. 24 at the stop light toward Chenoa on the right there is a good restaurant.              There are also a couple antique/used shops on this road.  Then go right             (North) on Rt. 66 to head back towards Pontiac. 

                                Pontiac offers many shops, museums & restaurants downtown/Threshermen’s.                                     5:30:  Caravan from campground to Bernardis Restaurant, 123 N. Mill St.,                                     Pontiac, reservations at 6:00.  Order off menu.


Sun. Sept. 1st:         8:00 AM:  Breakfast – “Mountain Man Breakfast”, fruit & juice.  BYOTS.

                                 Attend the Church of your choice.

                                 Rest of the day on your own.  Threshermen’s Reunion, Pontiac museums, etc.

                                    5:15 PM:  Caravan from campground to Baby Bulls Restaurant, 1025 W.                                     Reynolds, Pontiac (located next to Big R), reservations at 5:30.  Order off menu.                                      


Mon. Sept. 2nd:       8:00 AM:  Breakfast – rolls & juice.  BYOTS.

                                 Have a safe trip home, hope you enjoyed the rally.





Reservation form for Pontiac Threshermen’s Rally, August 30 – September 2, 2013:


Name  ___________________________________      WBCCI #  _________     # Attending  _______ Please clip and mail to:  Mary Elliott, 1331 N. 1709th Rd., Streator, IL  61364 or call 815-257-1420 or e-mail  THANK YOU! 

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Greetings fellow Lincolnlanders.


This is your President coming to you from work.  I just got back from Quincy.  What a great rally.  George & Angie outdid themselves.  They kept us hopping all day Saturday.  Even I was wore out.  The rally started out at the Elks Club.  All you can eat fish & ribs.  All you can eat means all you can eat right.  Saturday started out with a tour of the Kroc center.  What a place.  It was made possible with money from the Kroc (McDonalds) foundation.  The Salvation Army runs it.  It is a Leads level four building.  What a great thing for the community.  Then it was off to former Governor John Woods’ mansion.  Very interesting.  He built a bigger house & cut this one in half & had it moved across the street.  Then lunch at Bills.  Yours truly ate so many fried gizzards my jaw hurt.  Then to another mansion which is also the Quincy Museum.  It was simply amazing how many old mansions Quincy has.  Street after street, block after block.  All kept in pristine condition.  Not run down & chopped up into apartments like so many other cities.  Then it was off to Hannibal, MO for a dinner cruise on the Mark Twain river boat.  With a stop for ice cream for some.  The weather was perfect.  The only bad point was the lack of participation.  Four rigs.  We can do better than that my friends.  Where has all the fun, fellowship, and adventure gone?  One bright note.  Floyd’s sister Jane & her husband Mike showed up & we adopted them.  Now we just have to find them an Airsteam.  Sunday was church for some & historical house walk for others.  More museums.  A car museum & all wars museum at the Veteran’s home.  Then it was to the Tower of Pizza restaurant.  Which is actually an Italian/Mexican restaurant.  Good food.


Some very good news for all of us.  After much begging, charming, cajoling & down right bribing, Lincolnland now has a Vice President.  Linda Hattan has agreed to step up to the plate.  Great job Linda.  There was some fried ice cream involved.  I know we will all give her our full support. 


Next stop is Pontiac over Labor Day weekend.  I know that’s kind of bad timing but if you can make it I guaranty a good time.  It is also a joint rally with Northern.  There is just something amazing about an old time Threshermen’s Reunion.  The work that had to be put info farming in the old days is unimaginable.  Today you have GPS guiding tractors & umpteen row planters.  Don’t get me wrong, the farmers today have a heavy work load too.  Just stop at any coffee shop in the morning & they will be glad to tell you all about it.  If you have never been to a Threshermen’s reunion, it is a sight to see.


Let’s not forget Region 5 in Kentucky.  There is still time if you haven’t registered.  Even if you miss the cut off date let me or Barry know & we can surely fit you in.  What a wonderful campground.  We are in charge of table decorations as always.  I need for you to be scouring the countryside for toy horses & big floppy ladies hats like they wear at the Kentucky Derby.  If any is handy, some miniature bales of hay would be great.


Well that’s all for now.  I hope to see you in Pontiac or Region 5 or both.  Till then safe travels my friends & I’ll see you down the road.





á  The Quincy Rally Aug 2 – 5, 2013 was attended by:  Monte Barksdale, George & Angie DeVaull, Floyd & Linda Hattan & Bud Lanoue.  Sounds like George & Angie DeVaull planned a busy & interesting rally & was enjoyed by all.    A big thank you goes to George & Angie for making this rally a great one.


á The Threshermen’s Reunion Rally is coming up Aug 30-Sept 2 & will be joint with the Northern Unit at the Livingston County 4H campground in Pontiac, IL.  The rally agenda is attached & please contact Mary Elliott by August 22, 2013 with your RSVP.  A tour of the Kilgus Farmstead is scheduled for Saturday, plus there are many great museums & unique stores in Pontiac, the Threshermen’s Reunion is that weekend (& is not very far from our campground) & of course…there is great dining in the area & a Dairy Queen!  So, hope to see you at Pontiac for a wonderful time.


á September 8-10 is the Computer & Mobile Tech Rally & the “Unbridled Spirit” Region 5 rally is September 11-15.  They will be held at the General Butler State Resort Park in Carrolton, KY.  The convention center will be used for the seminars, dinners & other activities.  You will also have access to all amenities the park has to offer including a golf course, lake, trails, lodge & restaurant.  There is still time to register & remember we need toy horses & big floppy ladies hats for the rally.  Also, if you are coming to the Region 5 rally, PLEASE BRING A DOOR PRIZE(s).

á October 11 – 14 will be the rally hosted by John & Susan Swearingen & is a joint rally with the Southern Unit at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Salem, IL.  The hosts are busy preparing for this rally already so be on the look-out for more info. to come.



Our deepest heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families that have had loved ones pass away.  Please keep their families in your prayers. &  Edgar Read passed away at 5:00 AM on August 6, 2013.  Visitation is Thursday, August 8, 2013       4:00 – 8:00 PM at Calvert, Johnson & McKitrick Memorial Home in Henry, Illinois.  Funeral is Friday,       August 9th at 11:00.



  • ·         Unfortunately there are times that members can’t attend our ILLU rallies because of other commitments the same weekend but please try to attend as many of the ILLU rallies to support the hosts & our Unit.

  • ·         The Region 5 newsletter is available on-line at

  • ·         George DeVaull is the person that is keeping information on our website up & running.  Check it out for more information & pictures:


As always, if you have an item or ideas for the newsletter, please contact Mary Elliott, or call 815-257-1420.  Thank you.

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